Silvery glow

Silvery Glow

Sometimes I like to review photoshoots from at least a few months past and see what I find.  In this case, I found this one was worth some time.

It was taken with the key light to camera left.  The choice was made not to have a hairlight or spot and just allow the falloff from the main light to take care of what I wanted.

Silvery Glow

Silver glow

Edits were some mild skin retouching, as well as some adjustments to add an unsharp mask on the eyes and lips, an increase in contrast and brightness adjustment selectively applied, and two passes of gray scale conversion (once for the hair, and a second for the rest of the image).  May sound like a lot, but it really didn’t take long at all.  Given the fact that it’s a beautiful picture of a gorgeous girl (in my biased opinion, of course), I think it was well worth the effort.

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