Boudoir Shoot

After shooting with Amanda, she connected me with a friend Dia C. This was to be her first ever shoot, and she wanted something sexy, like you might see in a men’s magazine. Amanda acted as the MUA, and assisted with the styling.

Job #1 was making space for the shoot in the small, very full apartment. Fortunately, the wall was a great deep red color, which worked well for a backdrop. Even better, the bedroom had a great headboard and lovely sheets. What I found most amusing was how the MUA got so excited when she saw the results she ran to the mirror to do her own makeup and get into the shoot herself.

Though I usually enjoy the challenge of a new shoot, the fact this was in a location I’d never seen before added an extra element, as did the fact that after shooting sexy images of this gal in her bedroom, she mentioned how her boyfriend didn’t know she was doing this, and how angry he would be, and that he was expected home anytime. Not really what you want to hear when you have a few thousand dollars in equipment spread around the apartment.

Fortunately, we were able to diffuse it pretty simply, and in the end, he loved the images – which I’m sure helped.

For all you aspiring models, here’s a tip: tell the truth to your partners and to the photographer. It’s going to come out in the end, might as well save the drama by getting it out in the open.

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