Discovery Park – Couple on Beach

From the archives: A shoot on the beach at Discovery Park, in Seattle.

This beach is accessible after a short walk, and on the day of our shoot, was cold enough to make the models’ quite covered in goosebumps. The models were, Amanda A, and Ajamu D.

It was this shoot which taught me that the more exposure and contact required for the shoot, the more importance it is they are comfortable with each other, or have never met. These two had been friends and roommates in the past, but were not as close or comfortable as this concept would require. ¬†As I’ve found other times, the female model was fine, but the male model was a bit less capable of compartmentalizing.

The other scenario where this is sometimes an issue is where the couple is quite comfortable with each other, at which time we usually see one half the couple isn’t as okay with the concept as the other half.

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